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Jammie Dodgers Biscuits

Jammie Dodgers

Jammie Dodgers are a shortbread-style biscuit which is really popular in the United Kingdom.  Any good plate of British biscuits will have a Jammie Dodger or two on it!

The Jammie Dodger is itself is typically made from two separate shortbread halves, with a strawberry-flavoured jam centre.  The classic Jammie Dodger has a heart-shaped window in the upper piece of shortbread to let a cute little picture of the jam shine through.  Less exciting dodgers may just have a boring old round window, especially if they’re home-made.  Certain rogue Jammie Dodgers (we’re looking at you, Marks & Spencer Jam Sandwich Creams...) have been known to pop a layer of cream under the jam, although thankfully no-one has yet tried adding custard cream into the mix.

Marks and Spencer Jammie Dodgers Jam Sandwich Creams
The offending Marks & Spencer “Jammie Dodgers” a.k.a. Jam Sandwich Creams

We’re big fans of Jammie Dodgers, and they’re normally the first biscuit to get taken from a traditional variety pack.  Whilst some can be quite dry and tough (especially if the jam has dried out) a cup of tea is all that’s needed to soften them up a bit.  The classic ones are also too large to eat in one good bite so freshness is a must for these.

History of Jammie Dodgers

First invented back in 1946, the Jammie Dodger has historically been made by the British bakery company Burtons.  Apparently the name was created in homage to the famous character in the Beano (a children’s comic popular in the UK) called “Roger the Dodger”, although quite how they bear any resemblance to the cheeky scoundrel is a mystery to us. In New Zealand they appear to be called Shrewsbury biscuits, but the kiwi Shrewsbury biscuit is very different to traditional British Shrewsburys.  They’ve even appeared in popular culture, taking a starring role in an episode of science fiction show Dr Who

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  1. A buttery biscuit that reveals its jam filling, a jammie dodger is a thing of sublime beauty and a treat for the taste buds; it s buttery and crumbly biscuit is sandwiched together with this sort of sticky and almost chewy jam filling, that stretches as you bite in to it and provides moments of joy.

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