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Win a Christmas Tin of Biscuits

It’s that time of year when we’re all wondering what to buy our loved ones for Christmas. Happily, that coincides perfectly with competition time here at Nibble My Biscuit, and to celebrate the start of a the festive period we’re giving away a fantastic tin of sugary goodwill with our competition to win a Christmas tin of biscuits.

Everyone loves a tin of biscuits at Christmas, and rumour has it that we’re currently halfway through one whilst researching more biscuit recipes for a future article…!

So without further ado, here’s the prize for this competition – and as a gentle hint you might need to check out the Amazon listing in order to find the answer to the quiz question… and if you do find the answer please keep it to yourself and don’t share it around!

Stewart’s Luxury Shortbread Biscuit Tin

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We’re really not in the business of spamming you or stealing your information – we’re not one of those sites who sends out email newsletters begging you to come back and visit us. We just want to share a little love with our readers! 🙂

Check back each day during the giveaway for a new question with new chances to win!

Congratulations to @sharonmorgan15 who won last year’s prize!

Terms and Conditions

This competition is run by Nibble My Biscuit and is not associated with Stewart’s Biscuits in any way. The prize is one 400g Stewart’s Luxury Shortbread Biscuit Tin to be delivered by Amazon. Entrants must live in the United Kingdom. The competition closes on November 28th 2021, and a winner will be selected and notified in the following week using the details provided. The winner must respond within 7 days of being notified in order to claim the prize. Please feel free to share this competition on your own site, although please do not provide the answers to any of the quiz questions.

Nibble My Biscuit is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. We may receive a small commission if you click on one of our affiliate links, although this is at no cost to you! Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

101 thoughts on “Win a Christmas Tin of Biscuits

  1. Katie J

    Am a bit of a bookworm so love a book!

  2. Karen Langridge

    I love edible gifts at Christmas, sweet treats, hampers, biscuits most of all!

  3. Jayne Townson

    Mine is some nice comfy PJs.

  4. Sarah Austin

    I love candles, I find them nice and relaxing when in the bath!

  5. Julie Ward

    Some Neom bath goodies

  6. Jo m welsh

    Just something that shows a bit of thought has gone in to it , doesn’t necessarily have to be brought homemade is just as good or better .

  7. Kevin Honey

    A hug from my granddaughters

  8. Sheena Batey

    Something glamous and sparkly

  9. Angie Jackson

    I love a nice bottle of champagne

  10. Ellie Fitzpatrick

    I love biscuits books and bath products

  11. Michelle Smith

    I like receiving skincare for Christmas elemis or Liz Earle

  12. James Travis

    A new settee

  13. Mike S

    My ideal Christmas involves an excess of biscuits, chocolates and merriment.

  14. William Gould

    I would love a decent guitar to replace my cheap one, but will probably get a box of chocolate covered toffee as usual….

  15. FionaLynne Edwards

    I’m really into my record player so anything on vinyl would be fab, particularly Billy Fury!

  16. TRACY

    Bottle of nice Wine and Chocolates.

  17. Marycarol

    Some books, some chocs and maybe some smellies and I’m happy

  18. Amy PJ

    I love any edible treats, especially chocolate!

  19. Anna Craig

    My ideal Christmas gift would be a hamper!


    Pamper gifts are the best

  21. Wilma Jones

    I’m always delighted to receive a new book.

  22. Fiona K

    Some scented candles

  23. Pat Stubbs

    I love theatre tickets – my perfect gift

  24. Mari Sutherland

    Gin and chocolate

  25. Suzanne

    Books, biscuits and hot chocolate.

  26. justine meyer

    Shortbread, tea bags and books would be heaven for me

  27. Sue Cook

    Shortbread tastes of Christmas to me, always been a family favourite and as I was born in Scotland it is also a taste of home.

  28. Debbie Bird

    I love pamper gifts as it is something I don’t buy myself

  29. olivia Kirby

    Books of my choice. I hate people picking books for me!

  30. Ann Gwillim

    My ideal Christmas gift is having all my favourite to visit.

  31. Ann Gwillim

    My ideal Christmas gift will be able to see all my friends & family this year.

  32. Mandy Doherty

    Dark chocolate truffles or any dark chocolate if I’m honest

  33. my ideal christmas gift is anything that is given with thought and love x

  34. Susan B

    Personal or home fragrance but always grateful to receive other gifts, too!

  35. Mark Fridlington

    I love to receive chocolates or biscuits for Christmas.

  36. Roger Bufton

    Some new films that I have not seen.

  37. Kristyn Harris

    My best Christmas gift would be a night away somewhere special!

  38. Kathleen marsden

    I really love perfume Christmas

  39. Helen B

    More logo 🙂

  40. Sue McCarthy

    Bird seed & fat balls to feed the birds in my garden!

  41. Laura Corrall

    I love jewellery and clothes, something that I can use all year round.

  42. Kay Broomfield

    I love candles and pillow mist at Christmastime.

  43. Margaret Clarkson

    A good book

  44. Natalie Burgess

    Some crystals xx

  45. Katie Robertson

    My ideal Christmas present is a new blanket as I hate being cold.

  46. Sarah

    Biscuits look amazing

  47. Sally Collingwood

    A snuggly jumper

  48. Steven Bufton

    Movies in limited edition steelbook cases

  49. Claire Driver

    Biscuits and an Indian head massage

  50. Charlotte Cooke

    I just love watching my little boys face so I’d say get him something and I’ll watch haha

  51. Andrea Fletcher

    I would love some books and some smellies.

  52. Samantha Osborne

    Gingerbread my favourite 😍 😋 ❤

  53. Kirstie Kenton

    A nice tin of Shortbread

  54. shellyg

    Truthfully, after the few years I’ve had a bottle of vodka is my dream gift and I know I’ve got one too.

  55. Sheri Darby

    Books and chocolates

  56. Troy Easton

    It would have to be a nice new pair of Christmas slippers.

  57. Rebecca Sutton

    I love anything sewing related, especially fabrics.

  58. Angie McDonald

    For me it’s anything Personalised

  59. michelle o'neill

    This year i would love war of the worlds tickets lol

  60. Tracy Nixon

    Cosy pjs and slippers!

  61. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    I really need a new lawn mower if Santa can fit it in h is sack.

  62. Ursula Hunt

    I love luxury toileteries

  63. PhilA

    A nice bottle of wine or port with some cheese (in a hamper hopefully) would make an ideal Christmas present for me

  64. Rowena Wood

    I love bottles of baileys

  65. Purmala Shrestha

    My ideal Christmas gift is something simple and delicious like this biscuit

  66. Fiona Johnstone

    I love receiving books for Christmas. There is nothing better than settling down on Christmas night with a cup of tea, a shortbread biscuit and a new book.

  67. Alison Barker

    Books and bath bombs.

  68. Natalie Crossan

    Anything edible is usually perfect for me!

  69. Catherine Spencer

    I would love a matching hat, scarf and glove set for Christmas 🙂

  70. Rachel King

    some fluffy socks, a new book and a box of chocs – preferably calorie free!

  71. Marc H

    A PS5 would be nice!

  72. sherri Hough

    Absolutely anything that has been home-made

  73. Danielle pooley

    Soft and comfortable blankets & pjs are my favourite

  74. carol boffey

    lovely giveaway

  75. Priscilla Stubbs

    I like a treat that I wouldn’t buy for myself, such as a good perfume and charms for my bracelet

  76. Louise A

    Anything craft related or food wise would be perfect

  77. Vickie Jackson

    A set of fluffy socks always goes down amazing!

  78. Diana

    Something cosy 🙂 slippers, socks, cosy jumper etc 🙂

  79. Adrian Bold

    I could really use a new PC Monitor

  80. Helen H

    I love food! Good coffee, good chocolate, good biscuits……

  81. Sarah KNIGHTLEY

    My ideal Christmas present would be something to drink, something nice to eat, some cuddly socks and pyjamas, and something good to watch!!

  82. Jane

    Perfume would be lovely

  83. Patricia Avery

    I don’t ask for anything as I love surprises. In all my 74 years I’ve never been disappointed.

  84. Krzysia

    I would love an overlocker but I know that’s a bit expensive so a box of chocolates would be lovely.

  85. Claire matthews-curtis

    Bath bombs, books and a bottle of something nice. What better way to have a relaxing bath.

  86. Katie B

    Just being with my family for christmas will do! Last year was the first Christmas ever we didn’t go to my parents so looking forward to it this year

  87. Kim White

    I love receiving Gift Cards so I can take my time choosing and buy something I really need.

  88. Christine Caple

    Books or wine would both be perfect for me.

  89. Absolutely love Shortbread biscuits with a lovely Cuppa ☕️ tea !🥰

  90. Tasmeena Maharaj

    Something wildly impractical that I would never spend the money on myself, like a fancy candle or luxury handsoap.

  91. Lisa J

    I’d love a little pile of books and some snacks – bliss.

  92. Emma Davison

    A heated throw

  93. Gemma Hendry

    Got to be some new ed hardy perfume

  94. fiona d

    I love a new pair of pyjamas for Christmas.

  95. Fiona Foskett

    A trip to Los Angeles would be ideal 🙂

  96. Lynne OConnor

    handmade chocolates

  97. Theresa M

    According to my grandchildren, my favourite Christmas gift is slippers!

  98. Su Brett

    Crafting bits and bobs

  99. Rich Tyler

    I’d love amazon vouchers, or aftershave!

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